Lorena Jaramillo
Lorena Jaramillo's Fundraiser

Bring dance education to a Mixe Community in Santa Maria Tlahuitoltepec, Oaxaca, Mexico.

Join me in making a difference through dance education, please consider donating.

$180 towards $1,000

Hello! My name is Lorena. I was born and raised in Mexico and three years ago, I moved to New York to pursue a degree in dance. Ever since I left my home country, I have dreamed of coming back to teach, share and learn dance. JUNTOS has provided me with this opportunity.

In January 2017, I travelled along with a group of dancers to Oaxaca and Chiapas as part of a JUNTOS Abroad trip. This summer, Santa María Tlahuitoltepec, a town located in the Sierra Mixe in Oaxaca, will welcome me for a month as part of my JUNTOS Ambassador Capstone Project.

Join me in supporting access to dance education. Show your support for JUNTOS COLLECTIVE, in our goal to build community and empower through movement.

Even a small amount can make a difference!